Other Application Procedures

The general procedures for applying for a license are as follows:

(1) You may submit applications for licenses and renewals on this portal


(2) Download all the forms you'll need from the portal and complete them.

Click here to download application forms


(3) Save or scan your documents into pdf format.


(4) Gather all supporting documents and scan and convert them to pdf format.


(5) Log in to the portal with your account after confirming your email.


(6) Click on the link from your home page to begin a new application.


(7) Complete the online form on the portal and submit the application.


(8) The application will be received at NAICOM offices and processing will begin.


(9) You can check the status of your application periodically by returning with your application reference code to this portal and clicking "Manage My Applications"


(10) You may receive emails from NAICOM with respect to the application. If you are required to provide any additional documents, your application status will change automatically allowing you to edit the application.